Minutes of Meeting, Suffolk Park Progress Association, Sunday 28 June, 2009, held at the Suffolk Park Hotel at 5pm.

Norman Mackay was nominated for President. Nominated: M Wiles
Seconded: P Wegner
Diana Ridoutt was nominated for Secretary/Treasurer. Nominated: Karin Kolbe Seconded: Lucille Atkins

The following issues were raised for discussion:

Correspondence received by the SPPA from Chris Pratt, town planner, requesting input from the SPPA on a proposed development of site next to shops on Clifford St. Planned redevelopment would be for shops on ground level and flats above. SPPA to find out more re. rezoning, proposed usage, etc.

DA for 46 Armstrong has been delayed with flood issues; L Atkins reported that she has called Council several times to get more info.

Agenda for next council meeting on July 2 – P Wegner reported that traffic lights for Clifford St/Broken Head Rd were being discussed; as was fluoridation of the water supply. Although not all present agreed fluoridation was a bad thing, all objected to Traffic light proposal. SPPA to write email to councillors before Thursday to express opinions.

It was reported to the meeting that the SP Bakery has been purchased by Ed Ahern; DA to be looked out for and assessed by SPPA.

The Suffolk Park Hotel POPE licence: P Wegner reported speaking with Mayor; the issues of hours and increased lighting will be up for discussion before Council shortly.

N Mackay reported that Fibro Fences in Suffolk ( asbestos) and also some roofs of asbestos, were being replaced under insurance claims from hail damage – members to be notified, as it is a good chance to have asbestos replaced at no / little cost. Could Council also assist those without hail damage insurance, who needed financial assistance, by either loan/compensation to replace asbestos.
He also congratulated Spar supermarket on charging for plastic bags, and suggested SPPA contact Woolworths to request the same. Raised issue that the new auto-checkouts have decreased the number of jobs for young locals.

Paul Brooks asked, what can the SPPA do to attract more members? He urged the Association to be more proactive rather than reactive.
He also suggested activities for youth, possibly in conjunction with the YAC. Transportation for young people – could night time bus services be reinstated for SP? Could there be a shuttle into town for YAC events?
He reported that re. the recent Council meeting discussion of the Caravan Park, the community needed more information dissemination as new information came from Council. A meeting is planned between Jim Bolger of Council Staff and the community.

Suffolk Park hall : the Hall currently has more down time than previous months; locals are able to use the park, including showers . SPPA members would like to see more facilities for locals, including playground and maybe a dunes deck.

SPPA 50th Birthday – an event planned to be planned – maybe a sausage sizzle at the Caravan Park?? Sunday 20th September? Fire Brigade as beneficiary of the event. Public Liability insurance to be investigated, and also sponsorship and possible Council funding.

Proposed that additional signatories be able to sign on the SPPA account – Norman Mackay and Karin Kolbe: Proposed : D Ridoutt Seconded: P Wegner

Next meeting proposed for Thursday 30 July at the Suffolk Park Hall at 7pm.