MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE SUFFOLK PARK PROGRESS ASSOCIATION  held at the Suffolk Park Community Hall on Tuesday 5 February, 2008

Meeting commenced after the General Meeting at 8.50pm.
Minutes:    Moved that the Minutes of the 2007 AGM be ratified.
The Secretary’s annual report was received and approved.
The Treasurer’s annual report was received and approved.

Executive Committee:
All positions were declared vacant.   Peter Stolz and Peter Wegner declined to stand for re-election.
The following positions were unopposedly filled:
President:    Bernie Petry
Vice Presidents: Margaret Wiles
Brett Connable
Secretary/Treasurer:  Diana Ridoutt
Media Officers:    Lucille Atkins
Isabelle Delmotte

General Business:
1. Motion that the membership fees for the Association be increased as follows:
Single $10;  Pensioner  $5;   Family/Couple   $15
2. Reported that at this point in time we have no Community Access Point and that the shops have all been approached and declined.  President to contact the Caravan Park to see if space is available there.
3. Reported that due to the landowner’s withdrawal of consent, Optus has withdrawn their DA for the mobile phone tower up at Coopers Shoot.  The SPPA has concerns over Optus collocating with Telstra at the Water Tower.
4. The DA for the BP land is still in process; reported that Council received a great number of submissions and therefore were backlogged in their submission responses.  Diana to write to council to make sure those with incorrect DA number will receive receipt of submission.

The meeting concluded at 9.15pm.